About Us

BuyerWindow was developed from an idea that was inspired by visiting many open houses during the middle of the pandemic as a buyer looking for a home. The market took a turn in its supply and open house showings attracted a surge of buyers all at once. Many buyers hesitated to pick up the pen.

We understood that a sign-in sheet is an important tool for many agents and sellers. Not just for the prospecting aspect, but also for a sense of security and feedback for the agent and the seller. It is a record that shows a buyer has visited the seller's home, which the agent has been entrusted to show on behalf of the seller. When a buyer walks into a seller's home, it is crucial to collect some sort of contact information. BuyerWindow makes this process easier for the buyer and agent using QR codes for sign-ins for guests and presenting information legibly for agents.

We plan to build on this foundation in the future by giving the buyer and the seller the best open house experience. Stay tuned for feature updates!